Toenail Fungus

Fungi can be a real pain in the foot. Unfortunately, fungal infections are often among the hardest to treat, and they can cause a lot of discomfort. If you fail to address your fungal infections, they can quickly spread to both feet and your hands. Besides nails, other parts of your skin can become infected. Further, fungi can spread to other people, including members of your household. Fortunately, you can work with a podiatrist in Mount Dora, FL, to bring your toenail fungus infection under control. Dr. Bernadette Giangreco at Mount Dora Podiatry has treated many such infections before, and she’s ready to help you and your family.

The Basics of Toenail Fungal Infections

Most fungi thrive in damp, dark conditions. This is certainly true of the fungi species that can infect your toenails. Unfortunately, a sweaty sock in a damp shoe can prove to be the perfect breeding ground for fungi. Fungal infections can also affect your fingernails. However, because your fingers are exposed to more sunlight and air throughout the day, finger infections are less common. If you happen to wear gloves a lot, say while playing sports or driving, this could increase your risks of suffering a fungal infection on your hands.

Athlete’s foot is a common form of foot fungal infection. Athletes often wear sweaty socks and shoes, which increases the risk of a fungal infection taking root. Further, fungi can spread through humid gyms and locker rooms. Thus, athletes and folks working out can be more prone to fungal infections. If you’re suffering a toenail fungal infection and live in or near Mount Dora, FL, come see Dr. Giangreco at Mount Dora Podiatry as soon as possible

Treating and Preventing Fungal Infections

If you want to prevent a fungal infection, you should wash and dry your feet regularly. Also, change your socks if they are damp or after playing sports or working out. You should let your shoes air out and it’s best to wear a different pair of shoes after your workout or finish a game. Essentially, reducing moisture and keeping your feet dry will reduce risks.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already contracted a fungal infection, it likely won’t clear up on its own. Fungi are hardy, and you’ll typically need to use antifungal medications to clear up the infection. Treating a fungal infection can take several weeks or more. This is especially true if the infection is already widespread. If you catch it early and see a podiatrist right away, you can often shorten the treatment time and greatly reduce the risk of it spreading.

If you live in or near Mount Dora, FL, and have contracted a toenail fungus infection, Dr. Giangreco at Mount Dora Podiatry can help. Call 352-385-9156 to schedule an appointment right away.

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