Foot Wound Care

Podiatrists play an essential role in foot wound care, especially for those people who are challenged with chronic conditions (i.e., diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, etc.) that may impede their ability to heal naturally. If you live in the greater Mount Dora, FL, area and would like help in managing a foot wound, contact Mount Dora Podiatry’s staff today.

How can a Podiatrist Help With Foot Wound Care?

A podiatrist is a specific type of medical doctor with specialized training and professional experience in identifying and treating a variety of foot issues, conditions, and disorders, which may include wounds, infections, ulcers, and more. Podiatrists often collaborate with other healthcare professionals as part of a comprehensive approach to solving complex foot wounds.

A podiatrist will carefully assess the wound and consider your overall health as well as other factors to determine the most appropriate treatment method. Other podiatric techniques that can be used for foot wound care include -

Infection Management

If an infection is present, antibiotics may be prescribed, or placement of antimicrobial dressings may be used to help prevent the infection from spreading.


Debridement refers to the removal of infected or dead tissue from the wound. This process, which can be done in a number of ways (depending on the wound’s condition and characteristics), promotes a healthy wound bed that allows for healing.  

Pressure Redistribution

If a wound has been caused by excess pressure or friction, a podiatrist may suggest specialized footwear that reduces pressure on the target or affected area.

Wound Dressings

A podiatrist can provide a variety of advanced protective dressings to accelerate healing, which may include –

  • Hydrogels
  • Foams
  • Collagen Dressings

Vascular Assessment

Where circulation issues (or peripheral arterial disease) are present, a podiatrist may evaluate and try to improve blood flow to ensure proper wound healing.

Diabetic Foot Care

Those with diabetes need specialized foot care to avoid potential wounds that require foot wound care.

Wound Care Education

Podiatrists educate patients on how to care for their wounds at home, including proper dressing changes, wound protection, and signs of infection. Patient education is critical if patients are to avoid further complications.  

In some instances, a podiatric professional may recommend or perform minor surgical procedures to facilitate the process of wound healing.

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