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Since 1996, thousands of Lake County residents have relied on podiatrist, Dr. Bernadette Giangreco, to treat problems related to the ankle or foot. Those who choose our services can relax knowing they’re in the hands of a competent, experienced and board certified professionals. 

Throughout sports and other activities in day-to-day life, the feet are exposed to all types of force and conditions. Without proper habits and precautions, many will develop a health issue with the foot at some point in their life. That's where we come in! At Mount Dora Podiatry of Mount Dora, FL, our care team is experienced in treating common foot conditions, such as bunions, heel and foot pain, injuries, and ingrown toenails. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art treatment options designed to meet a patient's every need.

Our skilled podiatrists treat a wide variety of other conditions as well, including tendonitis, low and high arches, osteoarthritis, ganglions, and more. To learn more about how Mount Dora Podiatry of Mount Dora, FL, can help you, contact us today to set up an initial exam. Dr. Giangreco looks forward to meeting with you!

Our mission is to treat an array of patients, ranging from elementary school students suffering from sports-related injuries to older adults experiencing problems with aging feet. Our full range of services includes general ankle and foot medical care to surgical procedures. We would like to draw more patients requiring surgery such as correcting bunions and heel pain.

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